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Attar of Roses

Date: 18 Oct 2007 / Category: Bath & Body / views: 7345

Attar of Roses is the scent derived from damask roses which is obtained by crushing and distilling the petals of the flowers.

If you dont have a small still to distill the essence this recipe is a great substitute.

Four cups of fresh rose petals (preferably damask roses). Damask roses are a common garden rose that are light red in color and have a heavenly floral scent.
How many roses produce four cups of petals? usually a dozen roses.

If you dont have access to freshly picked, organically grown roses from the garden, ask your local florist to give you a call when they receive some damask roses.

If you use roses from a florist be especially careful in cleansing your rose petals as you will not be sure what pesticides were used while the roses were being grown and cultivated.

If you cant find damask roses but love the scent of the type of roses that are available - use those. You are making this recipe for yourself. All that matters is what you personally find appealing.

Cooking salt such as kosher, sea or rock.
cotton white kitchen hand towel. A thin one is best - not one of the thick terry cloth type of dish drying towels. You could also use white, unscented paper towels.
Glass cooking pan with a tightly fitting lid.
These two items you will need at the end:

A wide mouth clean glass jar and cheesecloth or cotton gauze for straining
A amber or cobalt colored glass bottle with stopper in which to store your Attar of Roses.
Prepare a cleansing wash of two tablespoons of kosher, sea or rock salt completely dissolved in a pint of distilled water. Add your petals to this cleansing mixture and gently wash your materials. Repeat if you are not sure your petals are completely clean.

Drain the salt water and use the cotton towel or paper towels to carefully and gently dry your petals. Try to make sure the petals are not wet to the touch without excessive handling.

Spread a layer of petals in your glass container. Cover this layer with a layer of your salt. Shake the salt on the rose petals until there is a thin, even layer over the petals.

Repeat this procedure until you have used all your petals and end with a layer of salt. Tightly cover your container and place in a cool, dark spot for about four weeks.

Now you will need your wide mouth glass jar, cheesecloth or gauze strainer and amber or cobalt blue bottle.

Drape the cheesecloth or cotton gauze over the mouth of the glass jar to form a strainer. Hold in place with either your hand or use a rubber band.
Spoon or pour the rose petal mixture into the jar using the strainer to collect the rose petals. Squeeze the cheesecloth or gauze to remove all the liquid. Discard the rose petals.
Transfer the liquid into the amber or cobalt blue bottle with stopper.
You have now made your attar of roses. The attar of roses should remain fresh for about six months if kept in a colored bottle in a cool, dry place.

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