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Body Sugaring - Persian waxing

Date: 10 Nov 2007 / Category: Bath & Body / views: 7060

Body sugaring is a method for removing body hair that is a cheap, homemade alternative to waxing.This has been actually used in India for many years. The theory behind body sugaring is that the hair is removed by the root, and when it grows back there will be less of it, and it will be softer and not stubbly as it is if a razor had been used. Most find sugaring less painful than waxing.


2 cups sugar
1/4 cup lemon juice
¼ cup water
Cotton fabric strips

Combine the ingredients in a heavy saucepan, and heat on low using a candy thermometer. Watch the mixture carefully so that it doesn't boil over. Heat the mixture to 250F on the candy thermometer

Remove from the heat and let cool enough to pour into a jar without breaking or melting the jar. Rip clean cotton fabric in 1 inch strips.

Let the mixture cool enough so that it won't burn your skin. Test the mixture on the palm of your hand, knowing that is much tougher than the sensitive skin under your arms.

Make sure your legs or where ever you wish to place it is clean and dry.

Using a dull knife or spatula, spread the cooled sugar onto your skin. Cover with the cloth strips, let set for a few minutes, and then grab the fabric end and pull it off very quickly against the direction of the hair growth. It will hurt, but after awhile it’s a lot less painful. Reheat the mix if it gets too hard to spread.

This stores for a long time. You could use a glass jar just make sure it's clean and oil free. In the future you can reheat the mixture to a warm and not hot temperature, and reuse. Note that reheating will thicken the paste!

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