Creme de Rose

( ) The use of Rosewater dates back to Victorian times when it was mixed with glycerin for use as a skin softening treatment - Creme de Rose.

First, we need to make rosewater:
If possible, it is always best to make rosewater from freshly picked roses from your own garden. I have grown rose bushes for many years and with the right care they are a hardy, fruitful plant.

However, if you lack the time or space, ask your local florist to give you a call when they receive a fresh shipment. Thoroughly rinse in cool water any rose petals that you have not grown yourself to remove any pesticides.

Supplies needed:

Depending on the size of roses, between three and five roses (or about 5 rose hips).
2 cups of spring water
Heat resistant glass bowl and cover.
Wide mouthed glass jar
Cheesecloth, cotton gauze or kitchen strainer.
Then do the following:

Pluck the roses to gather one, packed cup of rose petals.
Put the roses petals (or rose hips) in a heat resistant glass bowl and cover with two cups of boiling water.
Cover the bowl with a plate or cover to a pot. Let the rose mixture sit for about 20 - 30 minutes.
After 20 - 30 minutes has elapsed, pour the water into the wide mouth glass jar using either the cheesecloth or kitchen strainer to collect the rose petals.
Discard the rose petals.
After the rosewater has cooled you can add 1 tablespoon of alcohol, such as vodka, to the water as a preservative - shake to mix.

Mix the rosewater with glycerin in a 50/50 mix and put the rosewater in a pretty bottle for a gift.

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