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Recipe for Homemade Version of Dr. Hauschka’s Cleansing Cream

Date: 9 May 2008 / Category: Face care / views: 14733

You've seen the products touting the benefits of "all-natural" ingredients. Why not make your own? You'll save money and have fun in the process.

What you'll need:

Fresh, whole almonds
Coffee grinder, blender or food processor (to make almond meal)
Small, airtight container
Oil of your choice (grapeseed, olive, jojoba, castor, sweet almond, etc)
Witch hazel (alcohol-free, if you can find it!)
Ylang Ylang essential oil (optional)
Lysorbic acid (aka: Vitamin C) powder or crystals

What you do:

To make a one-month supply (give or take), finely grind about 150 almonds* in your grinder/blender or food processor. Put the resulting almond meal in your airtight container and gradually drizzle in between 1-3 teaspoons of oil, and 1-2 teaspoon of Witch Hazel and stir/mix well. Keep adding additional oil until your mixture reaches the desired consistency -- you want it to be a nice, thick paste (remember, when you apply it, you add water to make it "spreadable" on your face). If you add too much oil (like I did the first time!), simply stir a bit more almond meal to thicken it back up. Likewise, if your mixture is too thick, then add a few more drops of oil. That's it! Put the lid on your container and you've now got your homemade Dr. H Cleansing Cream.

If desired, you can add additional ingredients that are beneficial for your particular skintype. I have hyper-oily skin, so I chose to add a few (7-10) drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil (not only good for helping to control regulate oil production, but makes my cleansing cream smell yummy!!) and a teaspoon of lysorbic acid crystals.

Other possible add-ins:

Lavender essential oil (calms redness)
Teatree oil (antiseptic properties, good for break-out prone skin)
Check-out the essential oil guide for more ideas
I'm sure there are dozens of other possibilities, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind. Research some of the various essential oils to find out what kind of properties they have in terms of skincare and just experiment. The great thing about this homemade cleansing cream is that if you mix up a batch with add-in ingredients that you don't like, it won't break the bank if you decide to dump it out and start over again!

You can use your homemade cleansing cream twice daily, if desired. But if you wear makeup, don't forget to remove your makeup with an actual cleanser/makeup remover *before* you apply the cleansing cream as it is not meant to remove makeup.

I keep my homemade cleansing cream on my bathroom does *not* have to be refrigerated, although Winnie said that after putting her homemade cleansing cream in the fridge, the next time she used it, it smelled exactly like the real Dr. Hauschka cleansing cream so if you're a fan of the yeasty smell, be my guest! I store mine in a little tupperware-type of container; I'm not sure how much the container actually holds, but it's about the size of a small baby-food jar, if that helps give you an idea....

*Note: my coffee-grinder only allows me to grind 12 almonds at a time, so it takes a little while to make the almond meal. Therefore, if you choose, you can grind up your entire batch of almonds at one time, and then just store the excess in an airtight container in your freezer until it's time to make a new batch of cleansing cream....

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